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Polity : Indian Polity & Constitution

1. Indian Constitution at Work (class XI)
2. Politics in India Since Independence (class XII)
3. Contemporary World Politics (class XII)

History : Ancient & Medieval

5. Medieval India (class VII)  

History : Ancient & Medieval

8. Story of Civilization Part-I (class IX)
9. Story of Civilization Part-II (class X)

History : Modern India

10. Modern India (class VIII)

Indian Economy

12. Indian Economic development (class XI)
13. Macro Economics (class XII)

Geography : Geography of the World

14. Land and People Part-I (class VI)
15. Land and People Part-II (class VII)

Geography :Major Natural Regions

16. Goh Cheng Leong

      (ICSE book) Chapter 15-25

Geography : Physical Geography

17. Resource and Development (class VIII)
18. Fundamentals of Physical Geography (class XI)

Geography : Geography of India

19. Indian Physical Environment (class XI)
20. India-People and Economy (class XII)

Science : Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Science : Biology

26. Biology (UNIT : VII, VIII, IX, X) (class XII)


27. Introducing Sociology (class XI)
28. Understanding Society (class XI)
29. Social Change and Development in India (class XII)

Indian Art & Culture

30. An Introduction to Indian Art-I (class XI)

Disaster Management

31. CBSE Text Book for Disaster Management (class VIII)
32. CBSE Text Book for Disaster Management (class IX)
33. CBSE Text Book for Disaster Management (class X)


34. Computers and Communication Technology-I (class XI)

NCERT Capsules

Current Affairs

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